What warranty do you have with us?

We are aware of the fact that if you order goods from us you need to be really good and you have your planned construction without a doubt that something will not click as it should.
For this reason from the delivery of products whether they are floorboards or practical KVH prisms we guarantee the quality and completeness of the delivery.  Products always have a warranty of at least two years.  Of course it is necessary to report any defects immediately in writing and by registered post!  Do this in the event of a defect found within three days of receipt of the goods and do not forget to write down data such as date of delivery of goods product name claimed quantity of products and description of major defect.  It is also worth mentioning how you propose a solution to the complaint.
We try to resolve all complaints within ten days of delivery of the request and always to the satisfaction of the customer.
For we know that the customer is our master and we stand by the fact that our goods must be of first-class quality!

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