You too can listen to the radio online

Music is an important part of our lives.  Perhaps there is no man who would sometimes not listen to good music or did not find good radio.  But you don't have a radio at hand but are you connected to the internet?  Visit our website and choose your radio! Radio online is a great project […]

We offer garage doors

We are a company with a long tradition specializing in among other things. Our car will reliably protect you.  We carefully monitor our products and take care of them for maximum quality at an affordable price. Our garage doors have guaranteed quality thanks to the production material and also because we import them directly from […]

What warranty do you have with us?

We are aware of the fact that if you order goods from us you need to be really good and you have your planned construction without a doubt that something will not click as it should. For this reason from the delivery of products whether they are floorboards or practical KVH prisms we guarantee the […]

Quit the wooden windows

Plastic windows and their purchase may seem too complex to someone.  Offering so many different competing companies may seem confusing or even confused. However the offer of our plastic windows is not such.  We want you to make everything clear when you decide to buy plastic windows.  It's our way with our plastic window configurator.  You […]

Trailers can be transported by yourself!

The range of products is truly immense.  It is up to you in which areas and for which use you intend to apply the device. If your profession requires work at heights use high-lift platforms that have the most functional features variability of focus and 100% guarantee of safe operation not only in the interior […]

For a perfect taste experience

With us, they choose each of the different types of tea that we have on offer. Tea is made by natural tea leaf leaching, so teas have only positive effects and you don't have to worry that teas will have any negative or side effects! Tea is for everyone, regardless of age or gender, teas […]

Where acoustics are not enough we will use a different method!

Sometimes acoustic search methods are sometimes insufficient to locate water leakage for example in internal wiring or in low pressure wiring.  However using the H2 method can be used in these conditions and we will help you our clients save money.  It's for one simple reason. If we locate the spill site precisely we will save […]

It provides perfect accommodation

Try the Cottage rental for yourself.  The Czech Republic is full of beautiful cabins that you will love.  In addition you don't have to invest a crown into them because they are not yours. We do not offer you a hare in a bag our offers are verified by a number of customers and us […]

Quality at a good price

Office chairs and office chair 70% of the Czech population has problems with the spine.  And just because of an unsuitable office chair.  Because we try not to have problems with the backbone we bring you a wide range of quality office chairs.  Office chairs from us are suitable for you.  All the office chairs […]

Vinyl flooring

it is made of polyvinyl chloride so they are known mostly as PVC.  These synthetic floors are flexible yet strong enough not to be damaged for example by dropping an object scratching a pet or damp which is mainly produced in bathrooms or toilets. Vinyl flooring is not only resistant to adverse effects but also […]