Linkbuilding is exactly the right thing for your website

Are you a start-up internet company that is not yet so well-known that people write its name directly into the search engine?  Do you need your website to appear on the first pages of a search engine?  is your right choice! If you don't have enough time to take care of this method visit the […]

Floating floors

Would you like to have a floating floor at home? This is no problem today. become one of the most sought after floor coverings. Do you want to replace the old floor with a new one? This is nothing easier than buying a new and quality floating floor directly from our leading manufacturers. You will […]

Kitchen counters

Buy at home what necessarily every household needs. Ours are very variable. In addition to the classic door cabinets, buy a number of additional cabinets, complemented with, for example, smoke glasses. With our help, your kitchen gets a touch of modernity. Find out more about our range of kitchen units with the help of our […]


Indulge in world-class quality at great prices. If you are looking for a good one that will last a really long time, you will find it really only with us. We are a business offering all that you will not find anywhere else. Ours includes, for example, kitchen cabinets, tables, beds, mattresses, sofas and many […]

Choose the right ones!

Perhaps you are going to the building or are already building and you are now interested in what is the difference between a BSH wooden prism and a KVH wooden prism. BSH It is a laminated prism that is glued from lamellas 40 millimeters thick. Bonding takes place with amine resin. The advantage of these […]

The wooden floor never goes out of fashion

Do you like classic and traditional wooden floors but are you not sure if this is no longer an outdated solution?  If it is more appropriate to use a floating variant or even a laminate?  Believe that high-quality wooden floorboards made of spruce will never go out of fashion.  It is an ageless classic that […]

Refreshing pleasure for both gourmets and gourmets

Refreshing ice cream flavors for everyone We produce and supply quality products for all ice cream lovers small businesses shops and pastry shops as well as for larger hotels and hotel complexes.  There are also other frozen products that we produce and distribute throughout the Czech Republic Slovakia and Hungary. Delicious ice cream special flavors […]

Your site may be first thanks to us

Do you have your own business or do you do business and have your website where you would like to increase your traffic and above all get a better position in the search engines and  Then our company Seolight s.r.o is exactly what you need! We focus on internet services such as creation […]