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Perhaps you are going to the building or are already building and you are now interested in what is the difference between a BSH wooden prism and a KVH wooden prism.
It is a laminated prism that is glued from lamellas 40 millimeters thick. Bonding takes place with amine resin. The advantage of these beams is that they have higher strength, are more stable in shape, and are manufactured to an exact length without residual material. They are, of course, more expensive and the price is always charged according to the price for the thickness of the slat. The second disadvantage is that they are still not available, but you can wait up to 21 days to process your order.
These beams are made of a single piece of material, which is joined only in length by a junction.
The advantage over BSH beams is that they are cheaper and standard sizes are commonly available in stock.
Unfortunately, of course, they are less rigid than glued beams and are more suitable for places where they will not be visible.

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